Profitable Businesses In 2019

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Nov 10, 2016
Top 5 Profitable Businesses In 2019
by Ivan Widjaya,
July 2, 2019

1. Mobile Related Business
Mobile phones are trending nowadays. Almost everyone has a mobile phone from children to olds. Mobile Businesses have more chances for profits and more employment opportunities. These businesses include ideas like mobile repairing and smartphone selling stores.

Getting started is pretty straightforward – set up display stands or service centers at malls or other public places with sufficient footfalls, and you’re ready to roll.

2. Children Related Business
Children now cover a majority of the population charts. With this, the demand for children-related products and services are increasing.

So, what kind of business available for you to choose? Well, these businesses include ideas such as Post pregnancy and Delivery hospitals, Recreation Stores, and Entertainment services. Starting music, dance, or art workshop for children can help in heightening their Cultural activities. Other services may include yoga, gym, food carts and tech stores targeting the children market.

3. Sharing Services
Everyone wants to own stuff and pay less for them. Sharing services helps in accomplishing the same. More than one person can possess a thing and share them with another individual.

There are many sharing services available such as Uber, DogVacay, or Airbnb. These businesses include ideas such as Attire sharing, automobile rentals, accessories, vacations, and Home Improvements.

4. Online Education Platform
With the increase in tech and services, study culture has also shifted towards the internet. There are several education platforms already available such as Khan Academy, Udemy, and Lynda. These platforms usually help teachers and students meet each other.

There are courses available for almost everything nowadays. Starting a self-owned Online education platform will be lucrative as it is in-demand and right in the middle of the opportunity windows.

5. Freelancing Business
Several individuals work as freelancer in various fields, and the number keeps rising steadily. It only takes mastery in any of the subjects like web designing, graphics, music, or writing. Many platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are available that help clients and workers to meet each other.
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Jan 16, 2020
The idea itself to create a business is a great startup. But you need to know a lot of nuances that everything would be done right and not to lose strength and time for nothing.To start a business, you will have to register a company. However, there are many questions and issues to consider during the company formation process, such as where to register the company, what legal structure to choose, what documents you will need, how to reduce your expenses and tax burden, what the procedure involves.