Can anyone give ideas for items to sell in a barbershop, also if you can be specific with name of items and maybe even sources to get them. thank you
hi, maybe you can sell hair growing medicine, here in the Philippines, most barber shop will offer you organic hair grower, hair growing shampoo or medicine related to hair growing after the hair cut. They do it on the side. You can partner with these manufacturer, you don't have to spend so much, just a space for promotion. the manufacturer will and should the marketing for you. Or depend on your agreement.


My local barber sells womens products.

As silly as that sounds around Christmas you get all the men coming in for a cut and not knowing what to get their partners for Christmas, so this is a great place to pick up hair straighteners etc.


Gift certificates, beard trimmers, hair products, after shave, men's moisturizer, etc.

You probably have a pretty good idea of the type of products your clientele would like, if you think about it. Maybe ask your regulars what they'd like to see you carry.
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