Hi all, just reaching out here to hopefully find some inspiration to officially launch my service and start reaching out to customers. I believe that I have done as much pre-work as I need to confidently perform the service from beginning to end but I am stuck in this weird phase of procrastination :confused:. I feel like I'm constantly looking for little tasks to do that will prolong having to make that first step as mentioned above...

Has anyone gone through this and if so how did you determine when it was "ready enough" to put it out there into the world?



Is this maybe fear-based procrastination? Do you need some confidence to take that first big step?

If you've prepared as best and thoroughly as possible then action is your next step. Deep breath and go. You've won whether your business takes off or not because you did it. You launched a business, learned a ton of things. If this one doesn't fulfill your expectations, take what you learned to maybe launch another one.

No doubt there will be challenges, that's inevitable at times. But you'll overcome them.

Don't forget that you can come here anytime to ask for help. We want you to succeed. Remember to come back and let us know of your exciting launch so we can congratulate you and wish you well. :)
I think everyone has gone through this stage at some point. We tend to procrastinate something because we are afraid of the end results if we do what needs to be done. Taking that leap is the hardest when it comes to major decisions in life so it's a natural thing to prolong what we are certain of. Uncertainty leads to stress which invokes people to either fight or flight from that stressor.
Steve you are definitely not the only person in the world that suffers from procrastination. It is our mind tricking us out because we have come to believe that something was harder than what it really was. I just got done writing a blog on my website on the topic of procrastination and would love for you to check it out. I put some great tips on there so you can prevent procrastination, I know the tips will help you in your workload. There is a new blog on there every week as well about different topics at
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