There are several e-commerce intermediaries that facilitate the process of selling your products and services on the Internet (either as an advertisement network like Google Ads or a CMS like Shopify). However, you must bear in mind that there are millions of companies using these frequent platforms and nowadays standing out in the online territory is a difficult task.

For this reason, there are tools that help you with the planning and reporting of your online campaigns so that your business becomes actually visible for potential customers. Clever Ads ( is one of the leading worldwide platforms and can be used unlimited for free (what's not common, because most similar tools only offer a free trial, but afterwords it makes you pay a fee). With this tool you can either plan your keywords (so that you minimise your investment and make your ads stand out more in Google), get reports on your campaigns (with insights on how to optimise them), create and customise your search and display campaigns automatically or even get a free promo discount (up to 120 USD just for signing up!!) on Google Ads.

You can even get a greater free promo discount for you Google Ads using the Clever Ads software - up to 120 USD!! There’s no trick, this promo is given away as an incentive to customers to use our services. Clever Ads not only provides you with the opportunity to unlock this discount, but also can be used to plan your keyword strategy, create your ads campaigns or control and optimise their performance.

You can also use Clever E-commerce as a complementary tool to optimise your business in Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, or other e-commerce platforms, and other Clever Ads’ services like the Keyword Planner or the Campaign Creator.
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