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Power of the Mastermind

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Bonsco, Dec 8, 2015.

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  1. Bonsco

    Bonsco Member

    There are many great ideas out there in which usually go no where. Why ? They are scared that if they share some one will steal the idea. We all are here for the same reason I believe. There is power when people collaborate and are there to give, receiving is the by-product.
    Anyone else interested in working together, let me know.
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  2. Brian D. Evans

    Brian D. Evans Member

    You are totally right. Ideas belong to the idea, not the person. That's becuase once and idea is out there, it goes into the "collective conscious". People that think ideas belong to them are going to be in for a big awakening. Check out the book Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear.

    I'm always looking to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.
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  3. Bonsco

    Bonsco Member

    That book sounds like a great read, Brian.
    Wondering the best way to get in touch and start things up?
  4. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    Bonsco, I have always thought that way. Collaboration is of extreme importance.
  5. Bonsco

    Bonsco Member

    EF-Roger your on the mark! No"thing" happens until people work together. The key is to find those that are vibrationally a fit. Expansion and greater expression so we can fulfill our destiny!
    You never know, Life can change in an instant!
    Whoo Hooo!
    EF-Roger likes this.

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