Jan 14, 2021
I am watching the Seller University series designed to get me up and running with FBA.
At Amazon Sign-In I search in "FBA" and i see in the menu on the left,
"Introduction to FBA, Policies and services". There are a number of videos in the series:

  • "How FBA Works"
  • "Converting Your Products to FBA"
  • "Preparing Products for FBA"

And this is where I am stuck. The video, "Preparing Products for FBA" on mentions a page to
go to without explaining how to reach this page. Any advice?

Here is a screen shot of the page:
Here is the video clip:

After posting this question on social media, I got some "interesting" responses. Some Amazon seller "gurus" posted links to extensive courses and instructional videos. But those videos do not answer my very simple question. But my question is much more fundamental and is focused on just one simple question. There is a page that is presented on a video on Seller University that the video does not go into specifics on where to find this page. This is all I am asking.

Another suggestion was that I should just be able to go to help (upper right on Seller Central page) and search on "Preparing Products for FBA" or "Getting Started with Fulfillment by Amazon" or "Registration and preparing products to FBA". But I gave that a try and nothing there was any help.

I also got a suggestion that I should just ignore the page outright and that it was not important. I am not so sure. A button that says "I have read and agree" sounds very important to me.

So, if you do not know the answer to this, I have another question. If there is no simple way to direct to this page, then this is an error at Amazon and I need to know how to fill out a ticket with their help desk.

One of the responses I have gotten was from another Amazon Seller who suggested that, since the links I am supplyng in asking my question were not from Amazon Official, it was not reliable. But I assure you I am being honest in my reporting of my experience. But if you want to see for yourself and if you have a Seller account with Amazon, you can see it here in this video on Seller University by going to this link:
it appears at the 20 second point:

Another comment on social media was that I do not see this page because I am not signed on as a seller. I am.

I am beginning to think that this issue is just a discrepancy and I should put it aside, and figure out how to push on.
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