I don't think this is the right way to gain Facebook fans. Even if people press the like button, they wouldn't check your updates, nor would be interested of. There are a couple of methods of attracting targeted fans for your Facebook page, but this isn't one of them.
I am trying to do what ever I can to get Valleycoastaircontrol.com to have a Web presence. My goal is to be findabe when people look up air conditioning in los angeles.
That would be great I planned to but in a separate post. I'm trying to use what I learned in growing a niche website for my Hvac website so I can get to the front of search engines. I am looking into cross investing that includes online business. I am mostly skilled at tradework and do enjoy it. So I want to start my business specializing in air conditioning electrical and plumbing. I recently moved to Los Angeles from North Carolina. I've been here since March. What I'm seeing is there is a huge market for my services. What I need is to get a online presence because in this town people use yelp and Google alot and that's what I'm mmissing. When I was in NC I started a general repair and remodeling business for 2 years. I had consistent work but not enough. Here in LA the market is huge and if I can generate the leads I can expload. I know what I'm bringing out here will be unique so I'm just eager to get started.


I guess it won't hurt to try, and advertise your business on Facebook. It's actually a pretty good method since Facebook is one of the most popular sites out there. Well, best of luck with your business. Keep striving!
Facebook has been hugely successful. I offer freebies, I offer discounts for people allowing me to share on their page and we love referrals. You have to be willing to network with others and build those relationships. Friends of friends will help you achieve your goals, but you have to do the work too. If you keep working it, it happens.
Hi! I just want to say good luck with your business. I think using all kinds of social media is good, even Facebook, Twitter and the likes. The more you post about your business, the more people will know about it. Don't forget to ask your friends to share the page of your business as well. Post relevant information about your business, even promos and discounts. Again, good luck!
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