Hey Guys,

New to this forum...been online for years...thinking of wanting to start my own business- never quite getting there.

I shouldn't say never- I have successfully implemented 2 different versions of the "9x12 Co Op Mailer" system- for anyone who has heard about this Bob Ross direct mail program. But I always stop after doing 2 editions...for several reasons.

So- I would like to move away from the co op direct mail business model, and to that end...I have several business ideas that I have thought about over time, but not yet acted on.

My goal today and in the future...with your help- is to share those ideas here to get your feedback.

Maybe there is something worth acting on, and I appreciate any help/input/feedback you can share in advance!

I'll start a new post and share my first idea right now.




It's in there somewhere I'm sure lol. Things get lost in translation? I'm wondering why he stopped with the Bob Ross mailing thing after 2 editions, too. Maybe I'm missing a post?


I was about to ask the same thing. Whatever happened to the ideas? Hehe. The bit on lost in translation was funny. Anyway, so I read back the original post and he did mention that he will 'start a new post and share my idea right now.' So, I humored myself and went through the other thread and voila, the idea was there! Anyway, for those who are equally curious as to what WillyWallace's ideas were; you can actually find his first business idea in the thread entitled:
Business Idea #1...Bundled Home Services
I think you business idea sounds interesting, please share your experience so that I can steal your idea and make money myself. LOL.
On a serious note please explain what kind of mailing program is yours?

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