Pinterest content tips to help you create the perfect pin
by Chloe West,
April 30, 2019

What to post on Pinterest
First and foremost, you’ll want to have a good understanding of the types of content that perform best. Pinterest is an interesting platform for its various content types that can help with promoting your business, selling your products/services and driving traffic to your website.

Since many Pinterest users are on the platform specifically for shopping and finding new products, sharing product photos is a must. The platform even has a section specifically for shopping and product pins.


Take your product pins a step further by showcasing a finished DIY project for inspiration, demonstrated by Lion Brand Yarn in the pin below.


Everyone loves a good food photo. This strategy works well with regards to meal delivery services, food brands and other relevant businesses within the food and drink industry.


Infographic is short for informational graphics. While they can be any size, the optimal Pinterest infographic size tends to be thin and long in length, housing a ton of great visually represented information.


This type of content is incredibly versatile, and can cover nearly any topic. Because they’re long and thorough, visual graphics that contain valuable information tend to do well on Pinterest as opposed to other platforms where space and screen size may be limited. In fact, some of the best performing infographics are 5-9 times longer than their width.


How-to guides and photo tutorials
Another great type of content to share on Pinterest is a how-to guide or tutorial. And the best way to show it off in your pin graphic is by putting together a photo tutorial or montage as the main image.

Displaying your informational content is this manner helps to draw in searchers with an enticing preview that will help ensure they click to view more detailed instructions on your site.

Vertical graphics
According to Pinterest itself, vertical is the way to go in terms of pins. Fortunately, there are several different kinds of content perfect for utilizing vertical graphics.

Blog Posts
While it may require some extra design work, it will absolutely be worth it to create vertical graphics that accompany the promotion of your latest blog posts. Pinterest is a powerful platform for driving website traffic, so promoting your blog posts should be a large focus in your Pinterest marketing strategy, and with that will come images optimized for the platform’s feed.


It’s also a worthwhile strategy to create Pinterest graphics to promote different facets of your business. This Rawpixel graphic is a great example of a promotional pin graphic.


Lead magnets
If you’ve created lead magnets to help grow your email list, creating vertical graphics to promote them on Pinterest is a great strategy. This can lead even more people to your business and onto your email list.

I was wondering, is Pinterest still big and an effective marketing tool? I feel as if the trend of using it is starting to decrease, at least among my age group of millennials. It's big with teachers for crafts and moms, but I just don't see the diversity of users like before.


Actually, in the past I've never paid much attention to it but for certain types of products and services its value seems to be increasing. It really depends on your target audience, as with all social marketing, in addition to your type of business. I see entrepreneurs in cosmetics, fashion, books, and other niches that fit well with visual representations going to Pinterest and Instagram to promoted their products. Also landscaping and renovations businesses.
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