Has anyone here considering to put up a phone store? I find it very popular here because there are several phone stores in a mall. And there's even a mini mall with phone stores as the main tenants.

One requirement of a phone store is a technician who can do repairs on the phone. Of course, the shop should be in a commercial area for good representation. The supplier of phones, according to one store attendant, accept consignment agreements where they give you the phones and you only pay for the items sold within the week.

Phone store must be very lucrative business because every now and then a new phone store is opened I my town. People are so much fascinated the newly launched handsets that they are willing to throw away a handset that they bought just six months ago. You can also offer phone exchange in your store or provide repair service. However, you need a lot of money to start a phone store.


I wonder where the money is: repairs or accessories. I am willing to believe that people spend more on stuff like cases, protective screens and perhaps things like sd cards or extra cables and charges than on actual technical service. I do believe that the accessory market is shrinking, not so long ago I remember buying extra batteries and memory expansion cards yet the phones of today are completely sealed and almost are brand are migrating to a single charger style. If all the buzz about the incoming modular phones is true then the accesory market will explode again, I can picture people buying all kinds of new modules and parts for their phones.

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I wonder how much capital must be invested into such stores, compared to others. In the Philippines, home of some of the largest malls in the world, you can find entire sections of the mall dedicated solely to selling phone parts and accessories, so it certainly looks like a good business option.
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