Hi there, I´m looking for a payment plan contract that I can use for my small business, some of my clients asked me about this recently, I normally use paypal for online payments and I don´t really know how to do it properly.

For instance, imagine that a clients needs a work done for $800 and he wants to pay me $300 in advance and the rest $200 a month, I need a decent contract for that and maybe some help on how to link that somehow with a PayPal invoice or something, at the end of the day I guess you can get screwed anyway, specially working with clients from other countries online as I do but there must be a way to make it legit and serious looking, any help or advice would be welcome.

Thanks for your time, have a nice weekend.


Why not just invoice for $300 initially and specify on the PayPal that that item is for a "down payment on $800 contract"?

Then, send subsequent PayPal invoices for $200, $200, and $100 labeled "instalment payment on account", "instalment payment on account", and then "final payment on account".

That's how I would do it. The invoices themselves then state the verbal contract each time


Thanks for your reply, I understand but I need a more sophisticated way of doing it, a serious contract and hopefully a payment plan system.
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