Thought you guys might find this interesting so I'm sharing it here. For those who are not familiar, ECW is a wrestling entertainment company similar to WWE and it was later on acquired by the latter but eventually still fell apart. This interview details most of the steps that lead to its eventual demise and all the factors and the players that took part in it. I found it very interesting especially since it is a look at the behind the scenes of something so popular yet is almost never shown to the public, and we all might be able to take some lessons from it no matter what industry we are in. Please share your thoughts on the interview and please do comment on parts where you think it shows similarities to your own industry and what you can learn from it.


Well, I am not going to spend time listening to him because I used to be a Paul Heyman guy and I have heard multiple podcasts, interviews and what not about this very issue. I am kind of not into pro wrestling anymore, but I still think that its a better kind of business than most realize.

People think News gets american propaganda across the world - wrong. WWE does. And ECW was nothing like WWE and that is why it was favored by a lot of people who hated "sellouts" and "corporate bs". It was unique and rebellious...until it was acquired. The uniqueness of the thing disappeared when guys like Paul Heyman failed to lead that brand and once it was bought, they slowly killed it.

Instead of listening to Heyman, you should listen to Vince, because that guy survived onslaughts from the governments until he became the poster boy for propaganda, he survived Ted Turner and he just consumed every major pro-wrestling competitor whole. That's what I call a shark.
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