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PARTNERSHIPS: Digital Production Outsourcing

Discussion in 'Employees, Partners, Investors' started by Vario ETES, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Vario ETES

    Vario ETES Member

    Are you an agency, a startup company or an established business?
    PIXXEL STUDIO we can be your digital creative arm.

    For over ten years we have been busy behind the scenes providing digital production outsourcing services that enables agencies to concentrate on the strategy, big ideas and keeping-the-client-happy.

    We offer range of services that help traditional agencies to offer digital marketing services to their clients or interactive and search marketing services to offer expanded and more effective service offerings to their clients.

    We only do digital and we only work with companies, agencies and marketers. We can apply our rich experience in Digital Marketing, Technology and Search to help you further optimize your service offering, help scale up as and when needed and most importantly lower your cost thus make you more competitive. From web development to search marketing, PIXXEL is a seamless extension of your internal teams.

    With a wide spectrum of skills and experience we can help at every stage of the production process (creative, front end, back end, internet marketing, and project management)

    If you are interested in learning how we can work together,
    send us a message
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016
  2. Vario ETES

    Vario ETES Member


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