Hello Everyone!

I have started a business with the goal of helping parents learn proper techniques, strategies, and lifestyles to ensure parental success.

I have done a lot of research and reading into how to conduct interviews/conversations as a way to truly understand the current struggles parents are facing and how to assist their goals. The main source I used to help learn the art of customer interviews is the book The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick. I have not done any talking to customers/parents yet but I will be very soon since I will be working with some advisors tomorrow to develop our primary questions/information we are looking to obtain through the interviews. To prepare I have been planning with the Business Model Canvas to create hypotheses and discover what will go into my product, how I will format the product (book, online classes, podcast, etc.), and all the other aspects of the BMC.

If anyone has tips or suggestions about talking to customers, how to find customers, how to generate warm intros, or any other relevant advice please let me know! The ultimate goal I have is to talk to enough customer segments that I can determine what parents would actually spend money on and show the information to investors so I can obtain funding to develop the product. I am in college and have a lot of access to many resources so keep that in mind when giving potential advice.
Thanks and if you have any questions, have advice, or want to know more I will respond to every comment/dm I receive that's relevant.
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