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I use Pinterest mainly for personal use. And recently, I have been using it more for ideas and inspiration on how to take care of myself and my home. Apparently, beauty brands have been taking notice.

It’s been over four weeks since salons and beauty services closed, and without professional help to maintain their beauty routines, customers are starting to figure out how to do treatments, like dying their hair, on their own. According to Pinterest data, searches for “self-care checklists” and “spa days at home” increased by 102% and 105%, respectively, between March 11 and March 24. There was also a 441% increase in searches for “temporary hair dye” globally, between March 9 and March 22.

At a time when brands — especially beauty businesses — like to state how community-driven they are, companies need to gravitate toward the platforms where their customers are already spending time. According to March study by Statista, over 32% of Pinterest users expect to increase their time on the website, which was already an average of 14 minutes, compared to 43% of Instagram users and 62% of Facebook users. Pinterest reaches 85% of women in the U.S. between 25 and 54 years-old. Now may be an opportune moment to spend on social platforms like Pinterest where costs are decreasing.

According to social media agency company Two Nil, digital advertising has taken a hit as brands pull back on marketing and advertising. Costs have decreased between 45% and 47% across the board for digital channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; Pinterest itself has decreased its ad rates by 20-30%, even though engagement has hit an all-time high, according to Mark Zamuner, CEO of Two Nil. Independent social media strategist Selah Shepherd said that, even with cost-per-impression declining, Pinterest if giving brands a 200% return on ad spend, compared to 130% for Facebook.

So now might be a good time to reconsider Pinterest for marketing.
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