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Online Startup website - technical questions thread

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Ewa, Aug 30, 2016.

Can a paid subscription change your mind about using a platform, even if you like it?

  1. Yes - I might not want to pay for it.

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  2. No - I like it, I buy it.

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  3. Other - post your reply.

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  1. Ewa

    Ewa Member

    I'm opening this thread so that we can put different steps in a specific order, putting the image together of how to get started with an online business from a technical perspective.

    We know already we need a marketing strategy, good programmer to develop a website, and good business plan.

    Let's say our startup idea is a website where people have to sign up for its content, or parts of the content.

    There are few questions and ideas I have, that could benefit many who want to start in the online business world:
    • Creating a website - obviously. Or register a business first (do we even need to register a business anywhere?)

    • Choose methods of payment for subscription, yes. But do we enclose that at the very first launch day of the website, or collect subscribers first, and then introduce Pro features?

    • Is there any way our website can contain a 'field' with a content from other platform (more of a programming question)?

      I.e. take typeform.com which allows you to create surveys. You get a html link to the survey and normally it pops out in a separate window.

      Any way to include it within the website, in a designated field (e.g. after text in the 'About Us' section), instead of users having to open the link in a separate window?

    • Let's say we want to include information and direct quotes from other websites- e.g. information of The Big Four companies (e.g. their Values, Mission Statement) - no copyright issues? Since they release this content and make it widely available.
    Anything else that comes to your mind, post and let's discuss it.
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  2. moneytalks

    moneytalks Member

    1 - Register the business where you are comfortable. Sometimes in your own state has its advantages, sometimes registering in other states is better. Depends on what your doing and your level of risk. Again, I don't know what you're selling, but I would suggest an LLC to protect you personally against any legal action.

    2 - Get a Wordpress web developer and pick out an existing theme from somewhere like Themeforest. This is the easiest and cheapest way to build an online store. Make sure that you include the specifics regarding your need to pull content from outside sources.

    3 - Make sure that you are with a reputable high risk merchant account provider when it comes time to accept credit cards. You will be considered high risk for 3 reasons: The first is that you are online business so the card is not present at the time of the transaction. The second is because you are a continuity business that uses a subscription method. And last but not least, you are a start up with no processing history.

    4 - If you want to include direct quotes from other websites, you can do so but make sure that you are citing them properly.
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  3. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    Depends. If you live in the province that I do, you don't have to register a business if you only use your real full name for the business and make less than $30,000 per year from the biz. Where you live may have different rules.

    I think that @moneytalks makes a good point about going with an LLC, though. For your protection. It's more costly and complicated, as I understand it but worth it if you plan on scaling to a large biz for the long term.

    Again, as @moneytalks said, cite properly. You can legally use X number of words for a quote. Sorry, can't remember the number.
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  4. Domagoj Vuković

    Domagoj Vuković Member

    Hi ewa, regarding the question about website containing content from the other platform, as long as the platform supports it, it is possible.

    I can help you with all of that if you are interested in working with my company.

    We can offer custom domain name, hosting, custom email address, eCommerce, basically anything you would need on your website to get it going for only 250$. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

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