I am considering creating an online music theory video course.

(No particular instrument but here is some of the relevant information if needed for my pricing question with follows.)


Lets say one of your hobbies is playing guitar.

You've had some lessons but never any formal training.

You'd like to take an online course in music theory/music fundamentals.

You want to understand how keys work, where scales come from, why some chords and in some keys and not others, etc.

The course is presented as twenty 30-45 minute videos.

The course basics videos are free after an email registration. These are free as I've no way to intellectually protect the method as it's a concept.

(It would like be trying to protect the idea of protecting a dance move you created ... such as the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince ... a case Mr. Alfonso Ribeiro, the 'inventor', recently lost.)

The reason for the registration is to survey their age, sex, experience, any specific music theory interests, etc.

Each video includes a PDF workbook.

Here is a basic course summary.

"Basic music theory instruction hasn’t changed in over a century.

The curriculum is three college courses, typically a one year commitment and a few thousand dollars. Too long and too expensive for the 99% of us.

Our breakthrough music theory method uses your fingers, or a guitar/bass fretboard, to help you understand keys, scales, chords and harmony as well as any professional musician."

The questions I have are ...

1) Which pricing plan is most appealing TO YOU.

a) $95 (unlimited access)
b) $55 (three-months access; upgrade to full access for additional $55)
c) $35 (one-month access; upgrade to three-months access for additional $35)
d) $25 (one-week access; upgrade to one-month access for additional $20)

2) Is there a pricing/access time plan you would find more appealing?

Thank you,

Randy Zeitman
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