One-Page Website Design: Pros and Cons

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Nov 10, 2016
One-Page Design: Pros and Cons you should know about
January 17, 2018

One page websites have become really popular over the past couple of years. Also known as parallax scrolling websites, they are fundamentally a one-page affair. You sure have come across this one-page website design. All of the content is on a single page — all you have to do to view more content is scroll.

More and more business owners prefer one-page websites to the conventional multi-page websites. This is primarily because single page website design strives to remove all clutter and drives attention to only the most relevant content. It is a simple website design that focuses on subtracting the obvious and adding meaningfulness.
Pros of One-Page Designs
  • Delivering Key Messages Effectively – Boosts User Engagement
  • Simple Navigation – Makes it Easier to Share Your Story
  • A One-page Design is Can Be More Mobile-Friendly than a Some Multi-Page Designs
  • You Require Less Text on a One Page Website Design
  • Works Well With Images

Cons of One-Page Designs
  • Less Text on a One Page Website Design - Search Engines have less to index - Harder to rank well
  • Works Well With Images - Search Engines don't use images for ranking
  • It’s hard to analyze and utilize Google Analytics data
  • It takes longer to load - Increasingly a negative factor in search engine ranking
  • Visitors have to scroll a lot - a negative factor for mobile users
  • Sharing content on social media is more difficult


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