I have a problem that I try to launch many things, businesses etc but I am told that I could lose focus,

do you focus on one thing or multiple and what is best for me?


You need complete focus on one thing. Otherwise, you will find it hard to manage and grow each idea. I suffer from the same predicament.

Here is what I've done to help:

Write down each of your projects and ideas. Rate each one from 1-5 on the following measures: Enjoyable, Profitable, Easy

Ex. Idea 1
Enjoyable = 4
Profitable = 3
Easy = 5

Outcome = Pursue!

Once you have rated each idea you need to figure out what is more important short-term; making money, working on something you simply enjoy or find easy to create.

For me, profits are the most important. Because I know this, I only focus on the ideas or projects that have a higher rating for profits.

I may be left with either 1 or 5 ideas at this point, so we need to make our list even smaller. Obviously we want easy profits, so we then focus on the ideas that have the highest rating for easiness.

You must limit yourself and focus until a project has become mature enough. You shouldn't throw away your other ideas, but get one up and running, automate it if possible and then focus on the next idea from your list.

I've used the above strategy to become better focused and force constraints on myself to be more productive.

Hope this helps :)


You'll do much better to focus on one thing at a time. Once the first business or website is operating at a profit and your systems are set up, only then should you start another.

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