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Notes about links, no-follow, and guests and search bots

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by BizWarriors, Apr 8, 2017.

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  1. BizWarriors

    BizWarriors Administrator Member

    By default, any links you post on this site are "no-follow" links; that is a characteristic of the Xenforo forum software.

    This not only helps remove the value of link dropping or link spam on this site for spammers, it also helps protect you, the legitimate forum members, if you have a website of your own and a link to that site in your signature:

    Thus, having no-follow for links on this site actually helps to prevent you from accidentally damaging your own site.

    In addition, you should know that your forum signature is visible to other logged-in forum members but NOT visible to non-logged in visitors, i.e., guests and searchbots.

    The takeaway from all this should be this:
    • Post links that benefit other forum members; and/or
    • Post links that help to increase awareness of your website among other forum members in your signature if you wish; but
    • Do not post links hoping for a boost in search engine ranking - that simply isn't going to work.

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