I am working on an ebook on the subject of pet care. I have considerable expertise with the animal. But I am wondering, when it is finished, it is better to go with Kindle Select for the lending earnings, or post on all different etailers (Diesel, Barnes and Noble, Omnilit etc) for wider exposure.

I know that most fiction writers tend to better on Select but I am not sure that the same would be true for non-fiction. Also it takes several lends to earn as much as one sale.
@Pop, how is your ebook coming along? Have you already published it? If so, which platform did you choose?

Based on your examples, I know Amazon (Kindle Select) and Barnes and Noble (Nook Press) have the biggest customer base. You would not have to promote your book as much. However, I would choose Amazon. They are very popular, especially with ebooks and not having to leave the house to buy a book. Diesel is nice and independent, but they are not as widely known. For Omnilit, I couldn't even find their website.

There are pros and cons to each Amazon and Barnes and Noble, however, and you need to choose which one fits the bill for your book. I know on Amazon you still have to pay to design the cover of your ebook, and you will want it thoroughly edited before publishing. Barnes and Noble, however, has not been doing well competing with Amazon. Their customer service does not have a good reputation (whereas I've never had an issue with Amazon), and you have to be mindful of the formatting of your book - how it will look on different devices.

Do what is best for you and your book!

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