I'm Eoina Kulikov, a Canadian who is residing in Minnesota, and as of right now I am 14 years, 6 months, and 8 days old. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur, who has a dream of doing a business some day. I was wondering how many other young entrepreneurs are out there, it doesn't matter if you're aspiring or professional I want to see who else is looking to join in this profession. Maybe we could talk about business plans and give each other advice also.


Hello there, welcome to the forum! :) Wow, at such a young age of 14, I am glad to hear that you're now setting big goals for yourself. Well, I could say that I am a young professional. I am 23 years old, and currently working as a freelance writer. I would want to start an online clothing store in the future.
I am 25 and started a business in 2013 but had regained full time employment 1 year later. I am looking to start a construction business that specializes in hvac. My advice make a business idea and then a plan! You are never to young.


Hey guy's.. Im 21 years old,based is South Africa,Durban...i have started a new brand for clothing business last year in September,only had delt with paper work so far...looking foward to expand to other counties also
Hello, I am 18 and recently started a company buying and selling real estate. Looking for like minded people to help motivate and grow as a team, even if we are in different business. everyone needs there circle.
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