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New Tech StartUp : LINK

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Panashe Mabvaro, Dec 9, 2015.

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  1. Hello , my name is panashe mabvaro. I am a new tech start up producing mini portable chargers. I am currently at the development stage and getting prototypes made. However , I am struggling to make an online presence , could you provide me with some advise
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  2. A. Get your domain and website up

    Since the product you are selling needs physical delivery, rest depends upon the market you are targeting. Your online strategy will depend upon the locations you want to serve - State, country or internationally. Depending on it you need to choose and customize you approach for the following:

    B. Get listed in the major online marketplace such as Amazon or Alibaba
    C. Have a online marketing plan based on social media - such as Facebook (again totally depends upon the market you are targeting)
    D. You can set up your own online store front too !

    A little more information on your target market will help someone to give you a better direction.
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  3. I would say my intended target audience is iPhone users , but if I was to narrow it down to an age range I'd say between 18-32.
  4. merlin de santis

    merlin de santis Member

    there is thousands of portable charger companies in the world. most of them don't have any marketing. its just a cheap china made cellphone portable charger and they just throw them into street market or on discount website. if you want your company to work... you got to make your product look phenomenal. you want an advice ? ill give you one. This is your company, your product. You love it, you have a vision for it and you know it works better then any other products out there on the market. you have a sincere passion about your portable cellphone battery charger. what you got to do, is to be able to share this vision and passion to your customers. you need to use influential people on social media and make your product an " IN product " a product that is cool, that works and people love !
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  5. thank you for the advice
  6. @Panashe Mabvaro - Is it possible for you to share the photo graphs of the designs on a private conversation here?

    I will give you my opinion.

    Good luck - there a lot of sites that will give you exposure / finance if the product is good - you don't need a website now/now but if your product is good - plan for it soon.

    Cheers -
    Rohit S
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  7. im not too sure how to attach files in a private conversation , but here is the product in four of the most favourable colours @Rohit Shrivastava

    Attached Files:

  8. The design is cool, go for it.

    Go here to raise money Kickstarter.com
  9. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    The design looks nice, the technology is another. It may be a bit of a struggle to actually make a useful charger fit in such a small package. Also, beware of the product damage possibility. That little chip could get damaged. I'd suggest a cover to keep it safe and in good condition.
  10. The idea is that customers will buy the chargers from kiosk machines in popular places i.e. oxford street and popular train stations too using a membership card , maybe an app . Also when it comes towards summer and festivals come around I think that will be a very nice time to launch
  11. Hi, sorry it's been a while since I posted.
    Here are the updates;

    - I now have a prototype that I'm testing and looking to make improvements on.
    - Designing the landing page, however I would like some advice on the design aspect or what I should change.

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  12. I need help on finding ways to validate my customers, do I use survey monkey to ask potential customers what they think of the product?
  13. jona

    jona Member

    What about something like hands on focus groups? I don't think an online survey is going to be enough for people to judge your product if they only have access to pictures and a general idea of that it does. It looks cool but I could never give you a valid opinion just by looking at it I would need to actually hold it and manipulate it.
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