New Report: Instagram Engagement Rates In Decline


Nov 10, 2016
New Report Finds Instagram Engagement Rates are In Decline
July 9, 2019

Instagram is the hot social platform of the moment, with more and more brands flocking to the platform to tap into the rising use of Stories and to pre-empt the platform's greater shift into eCommerce.

But could that influx already be impacting overall Instagram engagement?

I mean, that probably makes sense. In late 2017, Instagram reported that were more than 25 million businesses active in the platform, up from 15 million only a few months earlier. Instagram hasn't reported any official update to this number since, but you can bet that it's now significantly more than that - and with more brands vying for attention in feeds, engagement on brand content, overall, has to decline. After all, there's only so much time users are spending consuming feed posts each day.

And now, a new report has shown just how much brand engagement on the platform is dropping - take a look at this chart from Trust Insights' latest report.


Trust Insights analyzed 1,430,995 posts from 3,637 brand profiles (Stories were not included) in order to ascertain the overall average engagement rate. And as you can see, it's starting to dip, which, again, is logical, given rising competition. But it's also something to watch, and to note for marketers.

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