Bruce Jones

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase this new business of mine here on Biz Warriors.

My business name is 1ON1 SEO Training and my website is at One On One SEO Training Classes, Naperville, Chicago Or Nationwide

I offer personalized SEO training while we optimize your website together. Good for business owners, web designers, entrepreneurs and marketing pros.

It is a subscription based service with weekly one hour meetings either online or in person and some homework for you to do between classes.

I'm also an accountability partner to make sure everything is getting done right, setting up reports etc.

I used to own a medium sized digital marketing agency in the past, 7 employees, 50 or so SEO clients, I sold that firm for a profit a few years ago but realized that inbound marking was still my passion.

At the agency I saw that some easy tasks were handled by my firm that an end user could easily do with some training. With you doing some of this work that would get the price down where most people can now afford SEO. And they would better understand the steps needed and not blindly pay an SEO company and hope they were doing good work.

I offer a free one hour training class from the pricing page of my website.
And I'm certainly open to any constructive criticism you may have. Thank you.
One On One SEO Training Classes, Naperville, Chicago Or Nationwide
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