A New, Free Tool to Determine the True Influence of a Twitter Account
By Rand Fishkin,
July 11, 2018
Number of followers is a crap metric.

Here’s an example: my wife Geraldine runs the Twitter account @everywhereist. She has a respectable 72,517 followers. I run the Twitter account @randfish, which has 413,696 followers. From those numbers, you might assume that an average tweet sent from @randfish reaches ~5.17X as many people as a tweet sent from @everywhereist. That assumption is dead wrong.

In fact, oftentimes it’s the case that @everywhereist’s tweets reach more people, get more engagement, and have a much larger number of impressions than a tweet sent from @randfish. If you were, in fact, trying to determine which account you wanted to send a broadly-targeted message from in order to maximize the impact, choosing @randfish, simply because that account has 5.17X as many followers, would be a bad decision.

That frustration led my cofounder, Casey, and I to build a new, free tool: SparkScore

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