If you have used Fiverr for outsourcing graphics design or web design projects in the past, you may have discovered that the quality of the service can be hit or miss. Part of the reason for that, in my view, is because Fiverr has emphasized "cheap help" above quality help, or at least the impression they have left for many potential customers.

The phrases "caveat emptor" and "you get what you pay for" come to mind...

Fiverr Pro seems to be a long-overdue attempt to eradicate that view of Fiverr by screening Pros offering their services and emphasizing what they can do instead of (or alongside) what they charge.

New Fiverr Pro Service Offers Handpicked Freelancers for Small Business
by Shubhomita Bose,
Jun 27, 2017

Israel-based freelance marketplace Fiverr has announced Fiverr Pro, “the newest high-end initiative of Fiverr’s global marketplace for talent,” the company says. Fiverr Pro services are available for prospective clients and freelancers in four categories: writing and translation, graphics and design, digital marketing and video and animation.

As part of the announcement, Fiverr also revealed it had acquired, a marketplace specifically for hiring video and animation professionals.

To help you find the best freelancers for your business, Fiverr has sought out high-end professionals already providing services on its rapidly growing marketplace. The company has also attracted professional freelancers with strong portfolios to build its new service, including those who have worked with Vodafone, Google and Sony.

Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO: “Through Fiverr Pro, we’re bringing professional freelancers an easy way to get work, while adding the high end, trusted talent entrepreneurs are struggling to tap into.”


Have you used Fiverr in the past, either as a customer or as a seller?

Have you used the new Fiver Pro service yet, either as a customer or as a pro?

What has been your experience?
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