Hi Fellow Biz Warriors,

My company Azam Marketing has been buying and selling domain names and websites for over twenty years. In that time we have registered, bought and sold 4,000 web properties.

After several weeks of hard work, I am delighted to be officially launching our brand new domain name trading website today!

See the video in which I announce the incredible new portal here in my blog.

In it I also launch a potentially lucrative promotion to make thousands of pounds exclusively for the viewers.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think of our new site, Azam Domains.

I would welcome any feedback, positive and negative - particularly the latter in terms of improvements we can make to the site ?

Thanks very much!


Thanks very much for the feedback.

I am not clear what kind of fraud you are referring to.

These are our own domain names we are selling. We've both bought and sold scores of domain names over the years and thankfully not been hit by fraud yet.

The purchase price is held in Escrow and only released to us when we have transferred the domain name to the new owner. Or, when we have bought domain names, it has been vice-versa.



Oh. I had the impression that this was a place other people could go to buy and sell domain names. That might be more useful and popular than just selling domains that you own.
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