Google just announced new changes to their AdWords exact word matching. In Search Engine Land's article, Ginny Marvin states:
Matching for close variants — plurals, typos, abbreviations, adverbs and so on — will be broadened to include variations in word order and function words in the coming months. With this change, Google may ignore word order and function words when determining whether an ad should trigger for an exact match keyword.

However, there are a few exceptions to this new programming:

These changes do not apply to phrase match keywords. And AdWords is still designed to prioritize matching identical keywords to identical search queries.

Google’s philosophy is: Spread a wider net, and then filter out what you don’t want, rather than build a net that might not be big enough to catch everything you want. Better to waste money on some bad keywords than to miss out on some potentially good ones.

What are your thoughts on this recent change? How do you think it will effect SEO?


This is a change to Adwords, not the Google search algorithms. It affects those who use Google ads to bring in traffic to their sites and/or to advertise their products and services.

The Google search algorithms are separate and probably not affected by this change.
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