Hello everyone! Guys, I would highly value your feedback to one of the ideas I’m running.

I work for a large experienced organization offering professional QA services to IT/Software companies. In other words, we do all kinds of testing as functional, automated, performance, security, compatibility, usability and so on.

I am currently probing the idea of a marketing program, the result of which will present a short report (a list) of bugs in applications and on live websites - services available in public domain. Simply put, I will have a testable object, for example “reddit.com” and a list of vulnerabilities - functional, business workflows, security and so on that relate to it.

If you were/are a business owner, project manager, product owner, developer, qa or business analyst, working on the product (e.g. “reddit.com”) and I would come to you with such a report on issues in your product - how would you react?

One important assumption - that the issues that I brought to you are really valuable and you did not know about some of these problems before. By fixing them, you will increase the performance of your product and, subsequently, the business.

Most of all, I am interested in your view on the following:
  1. What is your emotional reaction to such an offer? (Anger, surprise, interest, annoyance, other)
  2. What is the best way to bring this information to you? In other words, what would be the best way to contact you? ( via mail, social networks, product feedback, instant messengers, direct call, other)
  3. What factors would be key for you to prompt you buy a third-party service on QA from an industry professional? (the significance of the problems, the lack of necessary QA skills on site, poor results of product’s QA, other)
  4. Any ideas on the perfect QA service you would like to consume?
Thank you very much in advance to those who spent their time and help with their feedback or suggestions. It is greatly appreciated.


That's most certainly very valuable.

I would be careful with the approach though.

Many fake/real hackers are dong the same thing pretty much via email these days.

#1 - Fear (Was I hacked?)
#2 - Indirectly. Don't just hit me with it. Network with me first and then bring it up. Say you can perform audit for free (even if you probably did it)
#3 - Better sleep. Since something new came to my attention now I want it fixed. Like a sickness you were not aware of.
#4 - Probably provide hands free solution right in the service or as an upsell.

Pion Media

You could start with a cold marketing email or even better with a message on Linkedin for your prospects. There you could explain what your product is doing and offer a free analysis of their website.

After you get this first contact with them, offer them this tool for free (preferably in browser) so that they can have control on when and how to do it.
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