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Need Advice

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by bookwithbit, May 20, 2016.

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  1. we are thinking to build an app which allow travel blogger ,travel influencer ,photographer and ETC, person can provide service to hotel and hotel provide them room for their service like barter trade is it good idea or not
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  2. tae

    tae Member

    sounds great, but it may be difficult to do, however I strongly encourage you go ahead and do it
    nothing is impossible :)
  3. Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin Member

    I really like that ideal hotels always have empty rooms and that means lost revenue barter is one of the best way to save money go for it.
  4. Thanks for your comment
  5. bob1978

    bob1978 Member

    Whether it's a good idea or not depends on your goals. If you're making it for fun without the expectation that you'll earn much (or anything at all), then sure. It's a great way to learn how to build apps, how to deal with customers/users, how to run the business, how to handle marketing the app, and so on. If your goal is to earn money doing this, then probably not, as you'll likely have a hard time achieving it.

    Regardless, you still need to research whether it's worth your time. Did you confirm whether hotels are willing to offer rooms for this service? Which country? What's the incentive for them to offer rooms after one traveler did the work? Did you confirm exactly who these travel blogger/influencer/photographer/etc... folks are? It doesn't seem like the market has many of these people around. However, there are a lot of travelers who enjoy traveling on the cheap. It sounds exceptionally easy for them to abuse the service for free rooms. How do you plan on addressing this? What about the fairness of the barter? Different hotels provide different levels of service, different room sizes, different amenities, and so forth... how would the app ensure fairness through blogging/photography service bartering? What's the plan for marketing the app?

    No offense, but it's definitely better to do thorough research yourself, test the market yourself, and find actual willing participants for the app yourself, rather than acting on suggestions from strangers.
  6. thanks for your comment
    Thanks for your advice. yes it is take self research but it is also good to know other people view because sometime we can see that other cant see and other can see that we cant see. Thanks Kalpesh
  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Have you done any vendor research and demographic research for this project?
  8. some of high end hotel already practicing this privately to protect the value of hotel room. instead of discounting room they getting service from service provider and charge them full price of room . so both party get benefit both don't have to lower the price and they get done business.
  9. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    @bookwithbit have you finished the app yet? I think this is a great idea! I see so many "insta-famous" bloggers selling everything to travel the world, and this way they could easily do so while promoting the hotel they're staying at! It's a new form of advertising I usually only see celeberites doing. I'd love to check out the app!

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