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so I had this site where I sell items for school children to start school so there's a one stop place to find what you need to start school. A starter pack and refill pack. Its an online store. I want it to be a charitable business too so I mention in my store's sight that 85% is donated towards *insert organisation*.

Should I partner with an overseas organisation and how do I go about it? is this a viable idea?

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Hi sssona09,
Is this a viable idea
You have provided little info; so, I feel that it is difficult to provide constructive feedback. So, I have more questions than answers, which I hope you will find helpful.

Yes, partnership can be beneficial; but, that does not mean it is the only or best strategy for your business.
  • Are you engaged in online Ad campaign?
  • Is your ecommerce optimized for SEO
  • Do you engage in PPC campaign for top search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)
  • Do you pay for ads on social media
  • How many words are you targeting and what have you done to optimize your landing pages
  • Have you explored affiliate marketing
  • Are you targeting consumers or businesses (i.e. schools)
    If you say both then can you provide percentage of clients from each sector. Your ability to answer this suggests how much time you've spent in analyzing your clients and thinking through your marketing strategy.
  • If you are targeting schools, how have you engaged them in your region
    • Have you tried sending post cards
    • Have you tried print ads in local trade journals
    • Have you tried calling school districts (partnering)
  • Have you attended and become an exhibitor on industry conference
  • Charity is nice; but, is that a long term strategy or a marketing campaign
    • How is your business performance without the charity give-away message?
    • How do you perform if you reduced your price and not do charity give-away.
    • These are not necessarily mutually exclusive (charity vs no charity); you just need to target your audience/demographics with appropriate landing pages
Why do you think a partnership is beneficial? Have you seen it exercised by a competitor? If so, have you tried to build relationship with competitors' partners. Alternatively, find the "competing business for your competitor partner" and join forces with them. My post about competitive intelligence might help in finding competition clients/partners.

You have lot of options; so, what have you done to dial-in your business so far? Perhaps, improving existing spending is a better strategy.
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If you wish to formalize your charitable organization status and become eligible for contributions and grants please see: Non-profit organisations |

I suggest you strongly consider social networking in a well developed network to promote your web site:
SMALL BUSINESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING ("Smalltofeds"): Why Social Network To Promote Your Small Business?

For teaming with other enterprises please see the discussion here at Bizwarriors on that subject:
Form Strategic Company Alliances

Julia Sta Romana

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Should I partner with an overseas organisation and how do I go about it? is this a viable idea?

I think it's viable. I think there's a way to merge your business model and your charitable venture.

You can partner with an organization that provides school supplies to underprivileged schools. You can also set it up that customers can buy a kit for students in need.
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