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My updated portfolio of ideas - Feedback welcome

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Foxus, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Foxus

    Foxus Member

    As a symbol for my ever-pestering goal to be a business magnate (like David Geffen, Richard Branson) a pest that won't leave me alone, this is my portfolio of ideas. Feedback is encouraged. Post is a bit long, but bear with me.

    1. Relevancy Records - A label made for the people. Victory Records, a well known indie label, attempted to do business with the slogan, "Your Voice, Your Label" but from what some well-known indie bands have said about the label, behind closed doors it hasn't treated them well on the inside scope of things. DIY and indie artists generally have a negative perception of record labels, especially the major labels, for "controlling the direction and quality of their work." I want to help brighten that perception, make a very artist friendly label.

    The music isn't only relevant to the people, but the people making it are too.

    2. Organix - A app.service that allows you to work directly with farmers for produce, not just of fruit, but vegetables as well. No more having to go to Walmart or Kroger, you negotiate price and arrange delivery of your produce, avoiding the middle man, and the premium that comes with buying produce at the supermarket. People could use to eat healthier, and find better ways to afford it over hoarding coupons or cutting back on quality. Getting it directly from the source, and negotiating a price for quality fruit and vegetables, seems much better than going out in the rain to Whole Foods to me.

    Plus its promoting a healthier way of living. I might expand it to fish down the line, but that would come as a expansion of the service. There probably would be a fee.

    3. Secret Apple Resorts - A resort that combines both traditional and futuristic styling-you could call it a boutique type of resort sort of. The resort would include escalators and a skywalk (I believe that's what its called, you know that hallway people at airports walk through in the air at airports), for the futuristic design, I don't want to give too much away, keep it a surprise.

    High class living, and nothing less, is the true commitment of Secret Apple Records. poor performance won't be tolerated (like low to no-working internet, like I've experienced multiple times at well known hotel chains). To borrow Trump's line, "You're fired."

    4. S. Compound - The "S" is my last initial, in a attempt to remain somewhat anonymous online. But this compound is affordable low to middle income housing for people in Nigeria, the number of people in Nigeria top the amount of housing available. The exterior of the buildings would be built with fire proof walls and bulletproof doors. Safety and comfort would be the first priority, as the people of Nigeria could use it.

    Possibly the S. Compound could move to other regions of Africa's ripe RE market.

    So that is just off the top of my head. Your feedback would be great to have, or any questions you may have. I'm 24 now, so if I want to be a young entrepreneur success story, I have to get a move on.
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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    All of these demonstrate some strong viabilities. With ideas like this, I would next get some rudimentary demographic and market studies done on order to prioritize them by their strengths.

    Then I would take the top two and do feasibility studies, market projections, and cost analysis. If they still show strength, move onto putting together focus groups and take that data with business plans to a couple of startup funding groups for first stage investment.
  3. jona

    jona Member

    You clearly have the vision and drive, but you can't have this many projects going on at the same time if you don't want decision fatigue to finally get to you and stop you from starting any of the business you describe.

    Notice how you are mixing your stuff together as you called your resorts Secret Apple records on the next sentence.

    Sorry to tell you, but 3 and 4 sound a little like day dreaming to me, which is not necessarily bad by itself but you only say what you want to accomplish yet offer no clue in how are you going to accomplish or finance it.

    Number 2 is interesting just take into account that you are basically describing a farmer's market, which are becoming more and more ubiquitous. You buy directly from the source yet, because it is a matter of economy of scale, farmer's market are sometimes even more expensive than going to Walmart.
  4. ruener79

    ruener79 Member

    Where are you now in the process in getting these ideas to fruition. Off the top of my head, the ideas seem to require a huge capital requirement. If capitalization is a non-issue, I would suggest doing the hard work of conducting feasibility studies for each of the ideas that you have.
    What's your business experience like? As you mentioned, you are quite young and it gives me the impression that you don't have much experience yet. While non-experience is definitely NOT a hindrance, I somehow sense a huge management hurdle with regards to running the companies you wish to establish. Except for the "app" business, the others involve a lot of people for it to succeed. How well do you work with others? Will you be able to command people under you to ensure that your plans are carried out (Have you even started on making a plan for at least any of the companies you envisioned).
    Personally, barring ALL hurdles, I like the concept of S. Compound. I'm only having problem imagining how you can make this project cost-effective knowing the housing you described sounds like it will require expensive materials, and yet the target countries where you wish to build them are in poverty-stricken areas, warn-torn even. How do you intend to protect your investment in hostile regions.

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