My introduction


Aug 1, 2020
Hi, my name is Keith, and I would like to introduce myself and describe my business plan. Currently, I am a junior in university majoring in Finance with plans of getting a certificate in Fintech. I would like to be an entrepreneur and personally, I have seen the pros and the cons of taking this path, and I am decisively ready to take on this path. Since I was 16 and emigrated to the United States, I've been always interested in business and finance, especially the area of private equity and venture capital. In high school, because of the transition between countries, I did not have the best grades (only a 3.67 GPA) but, I could get a full-ride scholarship. Right now, I am making it up by keeping a 3.90 GPA up to now in university.

Right now I am in the planning stage of a business idea I want to pursue, and I would like to learn the most I can about how does a startup work and how I can make it successful.

Thank you for accepting me in this forum and I hope to offer the best of my experiences for others to learn and learn from others as well,


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