LPT: stop shooting vertical videos. It will annoy most of your viewers.
Other than that, congrats for your project. You should promote it on Reddit on /r/motivation and /r/getmotivated. There are a lot of people who would like to see some success stories.


Nice series of videos. I agree with @111kg : don't shoot vertical videos, and make y=sure you promote.
Area oriented in the niche of motivation like a subreddit are fantastic, friends and family can also help start a bit of a base if viewer activity is low.
Keep up the great work with the series.


I think everything seems pretty great except for the fact that vertical videos are not ideal specially if you're into content marketing.

Kudos to you. All the best! :)


As others have said, the vertical videos aren't what people want to watch unfortunately, and no matter how good the content is, and it is by the way, a lot of people will be put off by the angle at which the videos are shot.

I agree that the content is the most important but the aesthetics of the channel have to work also.

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