At this very moment I work for a licensed hvac company as a in home sales consultant. I am paid only commission which is 15% of the gross sale. I am a 1099 sub contractor which makes me self employed. I have been in the construction business for several years and at one point started a handyman business for plumbing, electrical, and hvac repairs. With in the last year I got into sales starting as a performance based pay technican. At this point I no longer do any service or install but instead meet in home with prospects looking to install HVAC in their home.
Since becoming a salesman my career has changed and my future outlook has changed as well. I went from a 35000 yr salary to 150000. Because of how I am payed the company I work for has basically given me a platform to be a business owner. I find this very neat because I wanted to become a contractor and focus on making sales while my employees did the work. One thing I am confused about is if I will hold on to my skill set and start a hvac business in the future? I could start a company at some point and focus on sales and mame a million dollar company or do I want to learn sales and managment so well and see what ventures that leads into.
Either way the business I currently run and I am looking to develop is
Home comfort sales consultant. My main custome base is given to me from a hvac company. My profit is 15% of the gross sale. My expense is fuel, some marketing material, and daily lunch. I believe I can write of a lot of my personal expense and I intend to learn to. My goal is 300,000+ a year with a current for cast of 150,000 as a minimum. I would like to expand and pull my own leads in but I want the prospect to understand that I am independent consultant and I do not own my own company. I would like this because of a making a higher commission and be more valuable to my company. I would like sell attic insulation, new windows, doors, electrical panel upgrades, water heater replacement, and other home improvments. I want to commit my self for 1-3 yrs and develop a strong base where eventually most of my leads come from referals where I get a higher commission and higher closing ratio. I have only recently moved from NC to Los Angeles, CA. The area gives me a huge demographic of all ages and cultures to potentially serve. I accept leads as North as Santa Barbara to South as the OC. I am also becoming a territorial manager where I will start to mostly serve only west LA. You can check out my blog LAHEATANDAIR.COM but it is very vague at this moment since I just started it. I want to use my blog to be truly interactive with my customers and offer something different.
I took a entrapenur class a few years ago and have been reading business development books which causes me to view even my own life as a business. So I view my current job as a business venture and I am looking to use it to grow me and use the extra cash to become a investor. As I get my secure in my assets I want to really become a entrapenur. I always look into these different ideas but sales is very high paying and I believe it will serve my needs and lead me where I need to go.
Joshua I am also in the HVAC business. I actually own very small HVAC company here in NJ. I go out find the jobs, i got out do the jobs, i do all the paper work. I pick up the calls, i do all estimates, basically i do everything. I make my company look lot bigger than it is. i use words on my website and other places where i advertise like we or us. but its all just me. My situation is little different than yours but bottom line we both face many struggles. Wish i had some great magical advice for you but truth is i am exploring just like you. I want to do great things but i am faced with many obstacles. Think we just have to keep pushinging forward keep trying regardless of all obstacles and in time everything should connect and fall into place. is my website. I also do fence work. one day i just decided i was going to add fence work to my company and i did.
Another venture I have is I want to offer small business development and especially for residential repair trade. I have some basic concepts that I believe can get a small business owner to understand where they have been failing and what needs to be optimized. From my experience most small business owners have the same complaint, I should just cash in and go back to being a employee in barely breaking even and I could let go of the responsibility and make almost the same. So again I have some basic concepts that are really good for the hvac business to take a small company to grossing millions of dollar and earning a 20% profit.
most small business in there early stages ether lose money or break even. I wont recommend any small business owner to cash out. I would say analyze the situation figure out what your missing or doing wrong and address it.
Even if people are in business for 40 years, if they are working in their business and not on it when they count their non billable hours that they work it may be the equivalent to 25hr for what they are really bringing in. My concept is just that, I feel a lot of small business owners are stuck working in their business.
yea i guess that could be the situation for lot of small business owners. if i found myself in such a situation after 4 years of owning my business i would figure out what i am doing wrong write new business plan and make necessary adjustments.
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