I am finding it difficult to keep myself in the right frame of mind... 'motivated'. I find myself going back to the same routine (bad habits) and I am struggling to form new routines (good habits).

I am using this as my first step in forming my 'good habits'....


Happy 2016 everyone, may we all create a spiritually filled, productive and financially wealthy year!!!

God bless,
Ann Marie


Motivation is one of them strange things that comes and goes for no apparent reason, well, it does with me anyway!

I can go for days, weeks and months just going through the motions, quite happily working away everyday on what I've got and not really heading or taking the business anywhere.

Other times, I'll get an idea and that will be the spark that gives me the motivation to try new things and new ideas and I'll be on a high for a few weeks until I calm down again.

Maybe I just need medication! Haha


One thing I felt is a key characteristic of an outstanding entrepreneur is that they are self motivated. And as an entrepreneur it is only advisable that you venture into something you are comfortable with, in that way you will be motivated most times than others. That's how I feel.


One of the steps I have taken is to carry a photograph of my end goal. For example, if I wanted additional income to go on vacation, I would carry a photo in my purse of the vacation spot. That way, I would see the image when I spent money, but I could also look at the photo when I was feeling discouraged. I hope this helps!
Motivation is surely a good thing when it's high. But it's always been temporary. That's the main hurdle. That's why it's so hard to live your life based only on motivation.

Habits. They are stronger. If you built a good habit, then your life will become much better. Easier said than done. But true.
Sometimes, motivation is hard to come by especially when you're: exhausted and resource-less. The good thing is that motivation can always come inside you and around you. When you lack the will to continue, look at that dream of yours or your goal in life. Look around you and see what other people have accomplished. Know that with your diligence and persistence, achieving your goals is within your hands. Good luck!


Its all about knowing yourself and the reasons why you work. I feel like I have gone through a variety of phases in my life, but all throughout there are some things that have always motivated me. They have been unhealthy at times and questionable at other times, but they all have something in common. Having an understanding of yourself and your internal motivations allows you to set up little rewards for yourself, which is important.


When you look at what you want to accomplish and everything seems difficult or overwhelming, it's the smallest steps that count to initially get you started. It doesn't matter how small the step is, you just have to make it and keep doing those small steps so that you can make larger ones later.

Even if you have to take small steps for a long time, that is OK. The larger steps are a luxury on the grand scale of consistency. As long as you keep making progress of any kind, you are winning. Motivation can come from that alone.

If you can work together with someone trying to reach the same goal as you without any conflict of interest, that too can help you to stay motivated and keep making those steps each day.

The importance of why you do what you do has to remain at the forefront of your rationality for doing it.

Staying focused on that, you should be able to naturally keep the better habits and eliminate the bad ones over time.

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