Hello everyone, I’ve been a lurker here for a long time. I find the advice helpful, but it’s mostly the inspiration and ‘go get it’ attitude that I like. I’ve finally signed up because I would like to introduce you all to my website, and get some more specific and detailed feedback on where I am. I would also appreciate any tips on where to take things next.

Basically, I’ve been working on a website for a few months now, and I’m reasonably happy with it. I plan to expand the content as I go along, but with the layout I think I’ve got things down to a point that I’m happy with. If I was building it again, there are things I’d do differently (Wix has a very slow load time, for example). But all the things that I can control, I’m now happy with. To go along with the website I’ve self-published a book, which I’m also happy with.

The website and book are both products of a hobby, rather than a serious business venture. But, having said that, it would be nice to make a bit of money from them, if possible. Currently, my book is the only aspect of the website that I’ve been able to ‘monetise’. The early signs (very, very early signs) indicate that I will be able to fund the website overheads with the turnover from book sales, as well as turn a little profit. And I’m now going to step up efforts to market it, and see where things go.

But apart from the book, I’m not selling physical products; my products are ‘content’ or ‘information’, in the form of photographs and articles. Does anyone, then, have any ideas on how I can further monetise my website? I’ve considered adding adverts, and I’m still considering it, but I haven’t made the final decision on that yet. I’d certainly need to boost traffic. Another thing I’ve considered is adding an e-commerce store selling Cold War related memorabilia. Cold War memorabilia drop-shipping, I suppose. How does that sound?

Anyway, any and all advice will be appreciate. Here is my website: www.urbanks.co.uk
Hey @urbanks!
Advertising is definitely the easiest way to start. You can even look into affiliate marketing - a way to advertise for commission. There are also many pay-per-click advertisements you could add to your site. You're already promoting and selling you're book which is great. Are you planning on releasing any other content? If you take all the photos yourself, you could sell posters possibly. You can also use websites like Patreon for users to pledge to your blog in exchange for exclusive content. Forbes has a list of suggestions, too, but you will have to decide what choices are right for your website.
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