This individual forum is need of a moderator. An experienced moderator would be ideal, but if you have the desire to be a leader and willing to do it, we can train.

What are the requirements?

1. Be here daily and post, especially in the forum or forums you want to be over. Start a thread or threads if discussion is down, and interact with posters in active threads in your forums
2. Being a policemen so to speak is not necessary at this time. Daily activity is a must.
3. If you do not have experience you must be trainable, coach-able, and you need to be a team player.
4. Must have knowledge of Legal and HR discussions regarding business.

Notice I said forums. We can assign two individual forums to you at this time. Requirements are the same for the second forum.

You have the desire to be leader? You think you have the skills to be a leader and your time allows you be a moderator here, contact me via pm. Let's talk!
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