Meditation as a way to improve your entrepreneurial life

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Aug 9, 2019
Dear fellow entrepreneurs,

With the increase of mindfulness and meditation in our society I think most of us are starting to see the benefits of meditation. Scientifically there's a huge amount of benefits that are ascribed to meditation and I remember hearing Gary Vee say that meditation will be the next big health revolution. Now over the last few years I've become an avid meditator and although it sounds cliché, it's has really made a huge impact on my life. Now I'm trying to introduce meditation to others and especially entrepreneurs who, as we all know, have a lot on their plate. This post is not meant as self-promotion as I don't have anything yet to promote but I'd first like to do some research and see how other entrepreneurs feel about meditation.
So a few questions:
  • Do you already meditate? If you don't, what's holding you back from starting?
  • What type of meditation works best for you and what does it help you with?
  • What are the biggest obstacles that you encounter when it comes to meditation? Or what are you most struggling with in your meditation practice?
I greatly appreciate you answering and many thanks in advance.


Aug 21, 2019
Hi Jasper. Nice to meet you.

I meditate a little bit but I'm trying to do it more.

I do for two specific purposes:

1) Solve problems. Steve Jobs used meditation for this purpose when he was getting started. Basically let a solution come to his mind, let it go and go back to his breathing, and then a better solution comes to his mind, repeat.

2) Recharge. Clear my mind of emotional clutter and increase focus. I think humans naturally loose focus after a little while (maybe every hour... but variable time) and meditation is by far the most time and energy efficient method for regaining that focus so you can get back to the grind.

Some things that work well for me:
  • Very Dark Room - light seems to distract. Often I do in shower with lights completely off. Almost like a cheap sensory deprivation chamber... almost lol.
  • Good posture - increases blood flow by not kinking blood vessels
  • Maximize angle between upper arms and torso sides and angle between legs, I believe this is hardwired to trigger increase testosterone which is very useful in helping to get to a calm comfortable/in-control state.
  • Deep, slow, full relaxing breaths
  • Super Comfortable Attire (I think this is very important but often get's overlooked)
  • Use of ambient noise to mask auditory distractions, if there are any

I think as meditation and mindfulness gains more and more adoption it will be nearly impossible to have the mental clarity to compete in any industry without keeping it as a daily routine.

One caveat... there is one alternative or possible supplement to meditation that I've been toying with, and that is day time naps. Both Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison used regular day time naps to solve problems and recharge their energy so they can go back to intense focus and problem solving. I haven't figured out what is most optimal and time/energy efficient for me yet.


Apr 22, 2016
JaspervR ,

Meditation is an overused word in recent days. And everyone out there wants to extract value out of it.

Let me give my take on.

Life is now! and Happening! , but most of the human beings miss this because of either past or future drag. Meditation (way of life/being) will give access to now! but the challenge is mind doesn't want this as it makes no sense for its own existence.

If you can get the above para and practise this you are MEDITATION.