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Nov 10, 2016
Launching Today!

We are launching a new feature at BizWarriors today, the Resource Manager in the Marketplace. This allows members to feature and promote their businesses, websites, services, and products.

To create a listing using this service, you must create an Account Upgrade to authorize a small PayPal subscription fee of $10 USD per month or $50 USD per year: See All About The Resource Manager for information about how this all works and how to create an Account Upgrade.

You can create a resource showcasing your business and advertising your services and/or products at no charge. You can upload images and other promotional materials to accompany your listing. Unlike other sections of the forum, links to your website are permitted in listings in the Resource Manager, as well as other contact information including email addresses and phone numbers.

Follow the instructions in my post at All About The Resource Manager and create your listing today. Let me know if you encounter any problems or difficulty doing this.
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