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Making the Time for Business

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by T J Tutor, Mar 13, 2016.

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  1. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Among the many arguments I hear regularly from those wanting to go into business for themselves is they don't have the time. All of us that have created the time by eliminating distractions often can't get the message across that making the time means giving up time spent on other things.

    How can we help Newbies in any business come to understand that we as business men and women make these sacrifices to get to our goals and they simply have to learn to do the same?

    Turn of the TV, spend less time partying, give up some of our time with family, etc.

    Have you been through this, was this ever a challenge for you?
  2. ianternet

    ianternet Member

    yes I gave up my social interaction to be where I am at. but some people cant sacrifice. I know a friend, she leaves work and would rather turn on the tv and relax instead of bettering herself to learn how to create a ppc ad. it is hard, because you are tired and stressed from a 9-5 or running a family. THEY HAVE TO HAVE DRIVE AND WANT. which is important. being put in a situation where you have to survive will force you to work 100% of the day and even not sleep. for example, I WANTED to get rid of atleast 2/3 jobs, my goal was to just have 1 job. my gaol wasnt tryin to be free from a job it was to just have 1. then later that 1 job drove me to have none as my director wouldnt let me be a manager and thats when i learned the glass ceiling is real.

    attitude. that all it is. its hard for people to do more work when they KNOW THEY ALREADY did 8 hours. They dont want to work more. The question is are they willing to learn, not work. learning and different thought might be the best way to look at trading house of cards to learning ppc ads. setting small goals as well instead of big goal is important, again i wanted 1 job from 3 - i didnt want to be a six figure guy - eventually it came - by accident because i wanted to change my situation. when put in a situation where you have to survive thats when the best of a person comes out.
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  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    There is no better feeling than when a person realizes that their obstacles really were their own self limiting notions, thoughts, and roadblocks.

    It's energizing and rewarding to hear these revelations noted by a fellow marketer and I hope our members truly take this to heart and realize the paths you have chosen were the result of simple and effective changes in your perspectives and commitment level that they can adopt to achieve their own successes.

    Thanks Ian!
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  4. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    The first time I encountered this was prior to going into the freelancing/independent contractor route. I was a new graduate from a personal fitness training program and was hired at a local gym almost immediately. Basically, I realized that a lot of potential clients use the excuse, "But I don't have the time to workout for that long!" It's a true mental block. To me, if I want to be healthy, I have to set aside that time to workout, prep meals, hash out my weekly workout program, and even forgo social events in order to properly rest my body. So I ask people, "Do you think Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes got to where they are now by sitting on the couch and just thinking about practicing their sport?" No, they don't. They responsibly pursue their dreams and manage their time wisely.

    Going into the freelance business meant doing the same thing. Successful individuals don't stand around, waiting for something to happen. They make it happen. Or as Gandhi put it, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

    I feel that, if the individual wants to make something happen out of their efforts, they need to reevaluate and reflect on their lives. Something that your passionate about shouldn't be set on the back burner--and that's a unique moment for every one of us.

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