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Making Contracts

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Nikita, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. Nikita

    Nikita Member

    For anyone starting a business you will have to make contracts and sign them sooner or later. The problem I have is that I don't really know how to make them and I don't know how I'd get by since I don't have any lawyers to call on for advice. If I just pull some random contracts from the internet, I don't know if I can change any specific details according to my preferred terms and all I know is that whatever I come up with I have to get the contract notarized.

    For those with experience, how did you handle contracts at the start? Did you wait until you got further along and gained more resources and experience before getting into these?
  2. remnant

    remnant Member

    Signing contracts requires one to be keen and pay attention to detail. For a contract to be effective, it has to be enforceable. A simple method to sign contracts is one that involves the parties concerned and a third party. The contract form itself should not be a problem to solicit and word appropriately. Each of the three append their signatures and each given a copy. The original can be deposited by a trusted person or litigation service provider for a small fee.
  3. djentre

    djentre Member

    You can change the wording as you like, as long as you leave the basic structure intact. Even a simple sheet of paper with signatures of the parties involved and a couple of witnesses, that has been notarized is enough. So, just pull some contract off of the internet. Also, there are websites that offer free and paid legal advice, so I would definitely use them in case I don't have a lawyer.
  4. ruener79

    ruener79 Member

    Each country has their own Legal Forms. So yeah, one can try to search for a specific legal form that meets your current need. As has been pointed out, what's important is to keep the format and the essentials intact. The terms of agreement or the specific provisions are those that you can reword yourself to include what you want stated on paper. Then have those notarized for a fee. There are those who accept notarial services without you really getting them on retainer.

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