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Major Issue for Hostgator Users: Yahoo & AOL Rejecting Emails

Discussion in 'Sales' started by William Clements, Dec 31, 2015.

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  1. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    I've been a happy Hostgator user for several years and would like to stay with them for many years to come. But there is now an issue that has come up with them that could be a dealbreaker. I wonder if there are other Hostgator users on here and if they are aware of this problem so we can discuss what to do about it.

    Basically what has happened is that, for some reason (some speculate too many spammers on their servers, but I'm not sure if that's why), Yahoo and AOL have decided to greylist emails coming from Hostgator's shared server accounts. This means they only accept a certain number of emails from a given email gateway in a particular period of time and once that limit is reached, they stop accepting emails from that gateway for a while.

    This causes a huge problem because if you send an email through your Hostgator shared server account's email to Yahoo or AOL email addresses and it happens to be at a time that limit has already been reached on that gateway, your email will be returned as undelivered. Much worse, you may not get the notification that it was undelivered for many hours, meaning that in the interim time you will think the message went through only to find out far later that it never did. In effect, you can never really trust that an email has gone through to your intended recipient as long as this is happening.

    The ultimate result of this is that it seems impossible to rely on email through any Hostgator shared server account if you ever have to send email to Yahoo or AOL email users.

    There are a number of forum and blog posts and people tweeting about this. Here are some examples:




    David Goldstein on Twitter



    From what I've read, Hostgator seems to be blowing off many of the people who contact them about this. If you do manage to get hold of someone there about this, the only options they give you right now are to pay quite a bit more to move to a dedicated server - basically giving them a big raise for failing to adequately provide a service you are already paying for to get a larger service you don't actually need - or else to use some third-party service like Google Apps to route your email through. They appear to have no fix in sight. They say they have talked to Yahoo and Yahoo refuses to do anything to stop throttling their emails so there is nothing more they can do about it.

    I dread having to move hosts since it's a huge pain to do when you have a number of sites and then you just end up hoping the new host, after you've gone through all that trouble, is actually reliable themselves. After so many years of being perfectly happy with Hostgator I really don't want to have to go through the hassle of changing. But this is a really significant problem since most of us at some time have to email people on services like Yahoo and AOL.

    So Hostgator users: Do you know about this? Have you experienced this problem? What do you plan to do about it?

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