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Alla Taff

Dec 5, 2017
When selecting the right CMS for your website, there is no getting away from the comparison of the main players onstage. It’s hard to believe but there’re hundreds of CMS platforms which help people create dynamic websites with tens of thousands of web pages. Some of them are free while others have a monthly fee, but the best thing is that they can be tailored to your needs. You know of the perks of CMS platforms is their versatility. Thus, anyone can create, edit, manage and update web pages without touching a single line of code. Really, no complicated scripts, no coding or programming skill are needed to create a good looking website hassle-free.

As of today, Magento and PrestaShop are the two most popular eCommerce platforms with over 250,000 active customers. Both of them are open source, robust, and reliable content management systems. Moreover, they provide flexibility & tons of custom features to match any tricky business need. However, you know that choosing the right CMS for your business website is often a million-dollar question.

Nonetheless, both of eCommerce engines have similarities as well as differences. Identify your needs & goals to make the right choice. Let’s say,PrestaShop is a great option for small and medium businesses.

Well, one thing it’s safe to say that Magento is a very powerful eCommerce CMS platform. It has a power to handle an unlimited number of products, intuitive admin interface, content functionality, and more. With an appropriate hosting plan, Magento offers various tools to attract more traffic, impress new customers, and gain conversions. What’s more, it has an open structure which can support various third-party extensions. Besides, Magento is stable & has all ingredients to let you and your business thrive.

As we’ve already mentioned, Magento can handle an unlimited amount of products while the number of orders processed per hour can exceed 80,000. That’s huge, right? Take a look at its dashboard below.


When it comes to PrestaShop, its power is limited only by the server performance. PrestaShop works much faster and can handle a big amount of both products and orders but pay attention to the appropriate server support. Besides, PrestaShop is easier to install than Magento. You can use this as a big benefit for your smaller company. Keep in mind that ease of use can often come with a reduction in options. So, if you’re planning to launch an online store with a large product catalog, Magento might very well be your best bet.


To begin with, PrestaShop offers over three hundred features to choose from. Thus, you can be sure to achieve desired functionality on your website. An impressive array of SEO features, product/store management offers, multi-currency payments, gift options, and more. PrestaShop is a lightweight & intuitive platform that works faster than Magento.


Well, it’s safe to say that Magento is an absolute winner when it comes to feature variety. It offers a great filtration system, ability to apply multiple images for products, create orders/accounts directly within the admin panel, options for extensive reviews, etc. Good news: Magento can easily operate the multi-store system, store up to 500,000 items in the catalog, handle 4M page requests and 200K page views per hour. That’s huge, right?
It’s worth to mention that both Magento and PrestaShop organize their add-ons in their marketplaces. For Magento visit Magento Connect. If there's a feature that PrestaShop doesn't come with, PrestaShop Addons Marketplace is the right place to get what you need. Find the necessary module & plug into your store to enhance it. So, no matter what platform you choose, you’ll definitely find necessary plugins to enhance your store.

PrestaShop is easy for beginners in terms of set up, especially if the hosting company supports one-click installation. Yet, for those who’d like to install it manually, it’s necessary to have technical knowledge.


Magento is a great workhorse but requires many resources. If you want that everything works as it should install it on a dedicated server. The installation process looks no worse than PrestaShop. It takes around 10 minutes to install a base version of Magento. At the end of the day, your Magento store can go live.
PrestaShop Benefits
PrestaShop is a very sleek and easy-to-use platform. It is much easier to manage & develop this software even with less technical knowledge. Besides, it offers responsive and mobile PrestaShop themes. A built-in advanced stock management section, helps you manage supplies from multiple warehouses. Easily. With the already huge list of features, PrestaShop keeps growing both in features and popularity. Besides, PrestaShop is globally cheaper than Magento.
  • PrestaShop is Lightweight
    Built with the strategy to be intuitive and lightweight, PrestaShop can help keep your online store simple and agile.
  • PrestaShop is Secure
    The company is serious about making its software as secure as possible. It supports SSL web hosting, password & cookie encryption, PCI compliance.
  • PrestaShop is used Worldwide
    This means that the software is trusted in over 150 countries and is available in 41 languages. It supports multiple currencies and languages, tax and shipping rules, etc.
  • PrestaShop is Developer-Friendly
    PrestaShop offers a great opportunity to developers to create PrestaShop websites for their clients. It provides the tools essential to help get you started, a bunch of extended documentation, and ability to download previous versions of PrestaShop.
  • PrestaShop is SEO-Friendly
    It provides an easy update of meta tags & URLs to optimize your web store.
  • Sleek Design
    With over 1000+ beautiful PrestaShop templates, you can get your ideal shopping cart of the highest quality.
    Well, PrestaShop is SEO-friendly, but if a bit basic. Let’s say, PrestaShop is a great opt for smaller companies looking for simpler solution in eCommerce.

    Magento Benefits
    Well, if customizability is key to your online store, then look no further. Choose Magento platform to provide your users with everything they may need on your store. If you need a solid and robust platform that works in favor of your business then Magento is the way forward.
    • Magento gives you the ability to manage multiple stores from one Dashboard.
      This is a highly popular feature for some businesses that makes management of multiple stores a breeze. Thus, it can drastically cut costly hosting and administrative expenses.
    • Magento gives you absolute control of your online channel
    • Magento is extremely SEO-Friendly
      Being by nature an eCommerce platform, Magento has got you covered.
    • Magento suits well for mobile devices and applications.
    • Magento supports a great variety of product types.
      These include simple, grouped, configurable, virtual, bundled and downloadable products.

      • Magento is simply designed to cater to the needs of online retailing.
        Well, it simply gives you access to product categories, shipping costs, coupons, bundling of items, etc.
        ...and so much more
        And the Winner is…

        Finally, it comes down to the fact that there is no winner. There’s no the best one, but one that best suits for your web project. Do you feel the difference? Both of these platforms are leading eCommerce engines with a world-wide community and thousands of satisfied customers. Just to make things clear, large businesses or those planning to grow quickly will find Magento a better solution. While small businesses and those looking for a user-friendly solution to get started quickly may better choose PrestaShop.

        So, no matter what is your choice just think how your business can succeed from it. What are your plans for growth? Estimate your individual business requirements and opportunities. Think twice before making the choice. Remember, choosing the right eCommerce platform is your first step to creating an online presence. So choose wisely. Take your business to new heights.

        Besides, while you are here we suggest you learn the secrets of creating a successful eCommerce website. Get this free eBook How can I create an eCommerce website easily, find some cool life hacks & make the whole process a lot easier.



Oct 2, 2017
Great post @Alla

I want to point out that the benefit "PrestaShop is Secure" implies that Magento is not secure, which couldn't be far from truth. Security is the corner stone of every commerce by the very nature of the use-case.

I also want to present woocommerce, which is tightly integrated with wordpress; as a matter of fact, it is required.
However, PrestaShop and Magento do have wordpress plugins; but, they are not as integrated as woocommerce. This means that commerce management is still done through the respective application; however, you can specify where commerce is rendered within wordpress.

--- EDIT ---
Where is the link to eBook you referenced?
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Feb 12, 2018
Well Alla Taff and Edvin have both given very salient points about both platforms. It really boils down to the kind of business you will be running, the server performance and your skillset. I am using Magento and its been a learning process but its also been rewarding. The choice us ultimately yours
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