1. what are you selling in your store?
  2. what platform are you using for your store?
  3. how long has your store been online?
  4. are you indexed in Google Search?
  5. have you set up a valid Google My Business (GMB) page?
  6. how are you pricing your products?
  7. what is your competition?
You may post a link to your site here if you wish.


Hi there. The problem you experiencing is a common one.

The reason for this could be your copywriting. Maybe you not saying/typing the write things in the right way. Another way of saying that is, you're not persuading your visitors to buy.
You might want to analyze your traffic to see where your traffic is coming from and the stage of your funnel, in other words are they returning traffic or first time they visitors to your page. I have found when I was running a shop most rarely ever buy the first time, it use to drive me crazy! You have to get them back. You might want to add a re-targeting campaign.

Pion Media

A few ways to increase your conversion rate :

  1. Use a CRO planner.
  2. Shorten your forms.
  3. Include social proof.
  4. Track how people interact with your site.
  5. Add live chat.
  6. Test your offers.
  7. Communicate your value proposition.
  8. Incorporate multimedia elements to your landing pages.
  9. Write strong CTAs.
  10. Meet your audience's expectations.
  11. Conduct A/B testing.
  12. Increase trust and remove friction.
  13. Create abandoned cart email campaigns.
  14. Improve your page speed.
  15. Optimize for mobile.
  16. Enhance the purchasing process.
  17. Be creative with your mobile marketing.
  18. Make adjustments to your mobile site.
  19. Localize your content.
If you need help or assistance implementing this, feel free to contact us.


If that is still actual, I would like to recommend the annoying "subscribe email newsletter" button.
In the numbers: 500 visitors came, 50 subscribed and 3 bought after the next visit.
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