Hi! I'm Tiffany and I'm trying to get some beautiful fashion jewelry (not fine jewelry, more like "costume" jewelry) for my business. I keep finding that OTHER businesses (wholesalers) get their earrings from China already labeled "Ella" or "Cloie". Would love to buy from the manufacturer who label it Ella/Cloie... or the place where these earrings are being purchased in China. I've looked on alibaba, but there's no way to tell if the earrings are by Ella or Cloie, and some earrings on there LOOK like great quality, but some of them are poor or ok. The only reason why I'm looking into these kind of "brands" or these pre-labeled names is because their earrings are of great quality! And I was told by a worker that the earrings come pre-packed/labeled from where they buy it but of course, wouldn't tell me where, which I understand. But does anyone here know where I can get them? Is there something I'm not doing right? Google isn't such a good help. Lol. I really don't wanna purchase from the "middle man", I wanna order direct. Any thoughts, suggestions, or anyone knows exactly where I can go? Quality is key for me! Don't wanna sell my customers garbage.


I know this posting is old but I saw recently a YouTube video by Mathew Lasko about using a government service to help acquire items for sale overseas. I don't remember all the details but you could give him a quick search on YouTube and see if any of the ideas he has in his videos will help you. I know he also runs a website but I think you have to pay quite a bit to buy his books. I think they're in the $80 USD range or so but I could be off on the pricing. I wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors!

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I had a friend who imported cabinet hardware from China and he was surprised to discover that class A (high quality) and class D (low quality) items are often created in the same factory. That's why they look alike. And that's why he went to China and bypassed Alibaba. The only way he could make sure he would get the class A components regularly is to get them from the manufacturers themselves.
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