Hi I am interested in selling either microSD cards , SD cards or flash drives in 16 or 32 gb sizes. Depending on the cost I would like to buy 25 at first to see how well they sell and if all goes well I will buy a lot more on a regular basis.

Can anyone please tell me where I can go to find various wholesalers as I have spent many hours on the Internet and emailing possible ones but I have had no luck.

Thank you Craig


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Craig, the best source is Alibaba. U get a whole lot of manufacturer selling directly. Make sure you do little research before placing or promising the order.

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I am hoping to sell on Amazon in the near future and after doing some research and talking to a few people I am more mixed up than before.

I have been told that sourcing products from Asia is the best and cheapest way to go by far but what I would like to find out is site is the best and the most reliable and honest DHGATE , ALIBABA or some other one ?.

Also are there any companies that I should avoid either in Asia or worldwide.

While I am on here is there any other company or website anywhere in the world that is as inexpensive , honest and reliable as one’s mentioned above?

Thanks Craig


Everything I've read does indicate Alibaba is the best for wholesaling. There are a couple of other threads on this topic here in a moment...

As for Amazon, a lot of small businesses do have success with setting up an account with or or (and probably other in other nations as well - those three are the only ones I have any experience with).




Some additional threads on wholesalers:

Hi Craig,
I've been researching this topic for months and according to one e-commerce veteran I know and trust, sourcing from Alibaba and selling on Amazon will work best if one is set up for VOLUME sourcing and sales. There are many reasons for this.

If you (or anyone on the forum) would like to start a private conversation about this, I'll be happy to refer you to the person who is source of this opinion. That same person is actually authoring a free e-book about this. (I'd list the name here, but I don't want to SPAM the forum.)
Best of luck!


Hi I am going to be selling on Amazon and I have found that the North American and Canadian prices for products like flash drives are too high for my budget.

I have seen on the Internet that there are a number of Asian sites that sell products e.g. Ali Baba , DH gate and others.

What I would like to find out is how good and reliable are they and their products compared to US and Canadian products.

Also if I Ali Baba or others are okay are there any companies that are better than others or are there any that I should avoid ?.

Thanks for your help


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