Jul 28, 2020
We are looking for Beta Testers for our Project Management and Data Analysis Platform!

Now more than any other time for the creative economy, you need a solution not only allowing you to organize data, but make smarter project decisions.

We, Monicat Data, are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first people to see and give feedback on our brand new Yellow Platform created specifically for arts organizations. The Yellow Platform works as a workflow unifier for creative teams and independent creatives--putting “All of your data in one place.” The Yellow Platform aims to support and monitor the progress of creative projects, provide data visualized through dashboard views, customizable data intake and report generation.

Important Features:

Interactive Project Builder
Data Unifying Dashboard
Helpful Suggestions + Data Recipes to reach goals

If you would like to be a beta tester, click here to sign up. Direct your questions to


Apr 17, 2021
I would love to help you. It makes me happy that people keep creating applications to make other people's lives easier. And users from the forums help developers. Once I needed help in management, I needed a reliable cloud storage. My firm has been using it for a year and no problems. I'm grateful to everyone who helped me. The developers have created a quality product which now helps our company. The field of IT is constantly evolving!
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