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Looking for an Adjustable Rod: Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zailen, Jul 12, 2018 at 7:55 PM.

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  1. zailen

    zailen Member


    I have a project I have been working on, and for it, I am looking for an adjustable rod or pole that can adjust between 14" and 23"/ 35 cm - 58 cm, and then lock in place.

    I imagine it's something I could find or have made in China. Kind of like 2 telescoping rods.

    I found something like it at a Lowe's Hardware, a 40-in White Adjustable Single Shower Curtain Rod.

    I bought it, cut the 2 pieces down to shorten it, and it almost works. However, as you twist to tighten it, the rod elongates, which I don't want.

    The best way I can describe the specs are:
    • about an inch in diameter
    • can adjust between 14" and 23"/ 35 cm - 58 cm
    • does not expand as one locks it in place (preferably, but does not have to be a "clamp lock")
    • has plastic or metal caps for each end
    Does anyone know where I can find ones like that, or who I would contact to have some made?
  2. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    Hi Zailen,

    I'm sure there are Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products out there; but, as you noted finding them is another story...

    It sounds like you are not afraid to get your hands dirty; so, here is an inexpensive DIY option:

    1. Get two PVC that can slide into one another (see more on this below)
    2. Cut a slit along one end of the pipe
    3. Slide the two into one another
    4. Clamp the two pipes using a hose-clamp-screw at the slit
      You can get creative with a wingnut, or quick-release pipe clamps
      You can also put a spring inside if desired
      Put an end cap at the two extreme ends if desired
    5. Glue the clamp in place, so that it doesn't slide around on you

    Okay, here is some more info on point (1)
    You can use PVC or aluminum pipes; the principle remains the same.
    You "may" find it difficult to find two pipes with just the right diameters that slide into-one-another in the local hardware store (though many available online). To use the pipes with same diameter do the following:
    Cut the slit the full length of one pipe and then stretch it wide so tha the two pipes can slide within eachother.
    The aluminum is easy enough, you just pry it open with a a shim/screwdriver, etc.
    For PVC, you can use a heatgun (maybe hear-dryer) to soften it PVC and then keep it open until it cools down.​
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